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Pillow Hump

some of you may know this but for those who don’t, every since i was a young girl i use to masturbate by humping things like stuffed animals and rolled up sock balls. i know it sounds strange but it felt so good and i use to hump several times a day.
when my parents would catch me they would tell me it was wrong and to stop doing it but i never stopped, i just got very good at it and i could cum within a minute if i had to. i often masturbated with my clothes on so i would get caught.

my sister knew about this and when her friends would come over she would get me to do it while they watched and giggled. i’m not really an exibitionist having an audience just made it that more exciting.

the funny thing is that i never tried humping a pillow…until the other night during the live camshow that is. i always thought the pillow would be too soft to really grind on but i was wrong and i had a crazy intense orgasm! i’m getting horny just thinking about it…

oh, the last pic is me having a chica-rita after the show…lol

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