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Pillow Hump

October 20th, 2010 2 comments

as a young girl i started out humping stuffed animals and then moved onto pillows.  my parents would catch me humping things and tell me to stop but i was confused.  how could something that felt so good be bad?

i never stopped, i just became an expert at hiding it and the fear of getting caught taught me that i had to have very fast orgasms.  when i started humping something i didn’t mess around and i could cum in less than a minute.  i remember being able to cum within 10 seconds!  i later learned that a rolled up pair of socks was the perfect size and shape to hump my clit on.  i could grind my hips and it would roll around underneath me but stay in position to bring myself to orgasm.  the best part is it was a camouflaged sex toy that i could leave laying around anywhere!  i’m a big girl now so i moved onto bigger and better things like huge dildos, vibrators and butt-plugs but i never forget where i came from…wink-wink!  i still enjoy Humping my Pillow.

Blue Balls

November 4th, 2009 No comments

out of the blue i got super horny and asked dave to sit on the couch so i could hump him. unfortunately for dave, he’s not aloud to cum because we’re shooting a new video tomorrow and i want him to give me a nice big load.

he was a good sport and let me hump his underwear covered cock until i came. i like positioning his cock in his underwear so it’s pointing straight up toward his belly button. that way it rubs right on my clit and i can get a good grind on it. i had to stop a few times because he was getting close to cummin glike that.

it didn’t take me long to cum and when i pulled his cock out the head was covered in pre-cum and it was tasty! i can’t wait to see how much cum he’s going to pump into my mouth tomorrow.

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Pillow Hump

July 23rd, 2009 No comments

some of you may know this but for those who don’t, every since i was a young girl i use to masturbate by humping things like stuffed animals and rolled up sock balls. i know it sounds strange but it felt so good and i use to hump several times a day.
when my parents would catch me they would tell me it was wrong and to stop doing it but i never stopped, i just got very good at it and i could cum within a minute if i had to. i often masturbated with my clothes on so i would get caught.

my sister knew about this and when her friends would come over she would get me to do it while they watched and giggled. i’m not really an exibitionist having an audience just made it that more exciting.

the funny thing is that i never tried humping a pillow…until the other night during the live camshow that is. i always thought the pillow would be too soft to really grind on but i was wrong and i had a crazy intense orgasm! i’m getting horny just thinking about it…

oh, the last pic is me having a chica-rita after the show…lol

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